Taming the Wild

The internet is the most wide reaching and all-pervading of man's inventions. 

Interconnecting computers worldwide, the internet has the ability to reach each and every home and touch each and every life. It is used by almost everyone, irrespective of their age, sex or nationality. 

Needless to say, the internet has opened up a lot of avenues for communication, expression, networking and much more. This blessing to mankind has made us more open, more visible...and generally more, "out there." It helps us share our thoughts and feelings. It helps us stay connected, stay updated. But this invention also comes with its own pros and cons. 

The internet is the easiest and the cheapest mode of communication in today's world, no doubt; but it is also something that puts us a lot in "the public eye." So while it is true that this is the preferred mode of expression for a lot of people today, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when using the internet.  

Online personality

In today's day and age, we all have an extension of our personality on the internet - a parallel, online personality. We have all heard and read a lot about how one has to be careful as to what they put on the internet, and what and who they are associated with on the internet. It is also a known fact that prospective employers or prospective brides or grooms or even business acquaintances or colleagues at work find each other mostly via the internet. So then, it is all the more important therefore, to ensure that one has on the internet, the same image one prefers to have in real life.

Being personal on the social media

Although it is true that certain social networking sites like Facebook are meant for people to have their own personal page, how 'personal' one should get is an individual choice. It is important not to forget that any content posted on the internet once is there to stay forever. Even if you delete certain posts or pictures, there are always ways of retrieving them at any given point of time, however distant in the future it may be. It is only prudent then, that a lot of thought be put into what goes up on the internet about us. 

Better safe than sorry...

When we put up pictures of our children and our family on the internet, we cannot forget the fact that these pictures are easily visible and accessible to all. It is also possible for absolutely anyone to save these pictures to their phones with just one click! Our children, our achievements, our happy moments - are not just being viewed by family and friends who will be happy for us, but also possibly, by strangers.Posting children's pictures on the internet, especially time stamped ones, can be a serious mistake and invitation to trouble! It is also important to check before posting pictures that one is not being insensitive to others. 

Children on the internet

Mobile phones, computers, tablets, ipads - nothing is off limits to children anymore. Most children start using the internet and especially social media as early as they enter their teens these days. The parents therefore, need to be all the more alert and ensure, that they are aware what children are indulging into. It is better to make set a rule that parents should know the password for their children's social media and other accounts. Children need to be explained that this is not for the parents to pry, but parents need to keep an eye on what they are up to, for safety reasons to say the least. It can also help the children immensely if parents help them in using the internet to their advantage and to project their best side on the world wide web.    

Tame the wild...

Can we use the internet to our advantage in addition to using it for social interaction? Won't it be best to put up content that we want to highlight about our self. We can take lessons from celebrities and otherwise famous people in this regard. They have learnt the art of letting the internet work for them such that it operates as an extension of their personal goals - be it promoting their latest movies or their new shows or even taking a stand for or against something. If one is smart enough, this wild beast which is the internet, can surely be tamed by using it for one's advantage and personal advancement!

We take a lot of care to groom our personality; and our conduct in public, is always impeccable. So why not pay equal attention to our online personality as well?


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