A Fun Karnival For The Whole Family!

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Running free in the outdoors and playing all day is what every child wants! Now during school time it may be difficult, but during the vacations, we can surely indulge our young ones. Of course, spending family time together is also important and when you can let the children enjoy their time and also enjoy together with them as a family; well that is when things do really work out!
Navratri is here and the holiday season is upon us in good old Bengaluru. With almost two weeks of vacation, children are home with us, waiting for us parents to fill their days with holiday fun. Of course, many parents have already taken to the roads with their kiddos and others are lounging in resorts by the beaches out of town. But there are some like yours truly, who are unable to travel and are spending the vacation in our favourite city. That is fun too, don’t get me wrong; I mean it is during these vacations that we get to appreciate the true glory of the city and remind ourselves this, exactly, is the reason why Bengaluru has been a favourite hill-station for most people to spend their vacations!
There are a great variety of places where mums like me can take our children to have a fun day in the city. And while some exclusively cater to children, others promise a fun day out for the whole family. Raising my little one in Bengaluru, I have been to most of the city’s well-regarded places and while we already have our favourites, we are also open to new experiences and looking for newer places to spend our holidays.
It was while looking for this new experience that I came across a children’s festival being organised in our very own Bengaluru! Now I have heard of children’s festivals being organised around the world; and believe me, reminiscent of the yesteryear melas or carnivals, but pumped up with the new age educational and technological dynamism, these are definitely places where our super energetic young ones want to be! 
The festival in question, the Krackerjack Karnival is credited as India’s biggest kids and family festival. The Krackerjack Karnival brings a whole new world of entertainment, fun and learning, all under one roof and promises to be a unique experience for children and families together with Academic Enrichment, Activity Centres, Aeromodelling, Art & Craft, Family Entertainment Rides, Pottery Workshop and much more on offer! What parent would miss the opportunity to shop, play and learn at one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable kid’s carnival in an enthralling environment? And as if all this wasn’t enough, the festival promises lip-smacking food, thrilling rides and games; and incredibly exhilarating workshops. All in all, it affords the perfect opportunity for the entire family to explore new talents and interests by experiencing new, interactive, educative and exciting activities!

I have decided I am going to take my little one to this exciting place this weekend. I know this will be the perfect place for him to enjoy the weekend! What about you? Are you booking your weekend too?


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